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An exophytic lesion of the kidney is a growth which pushes out and distorts the outer surface of the kidney. It does not press against the renal collecting system which is present in the center of the kidney. I hope this helps. Please feel free to ask a followup question if necessary. If not, please click the green 'Accept' button on this page. Leaving a bonus and positive feedback will be highly appreciated. A common reason for ordering a kidney ultrasound is to see if there are any problems with your kidney function. It is an excellent test modality because it uses high frequency sound waves to bounce off different tissue planes. The probe emits the sound waves and also receives any echoes that return. See a doctor who can help. The nodule needs to be followed up to r/o thyrotoxicosis, possible malignancy. Fine needle Biopsy, Radioactive Iodine uptake study will r/oabove condns. Fine needle Biopsy, Radioactive Iodine uptake study will r/oabove condns. Findings: There was a 2.5 cm exophytic cyst extending anteriorly from the interpolar left kidney. This cyst demonstrates a few thin almost imperceptible septations and a thin almost imperceptible wall. A soft tissue nodular component was not seen. Note was made an 8mm simple cyct in the interpolar right kidney.

Exactly what is an exophytic renal cyst? It is a cyst that grows from the inside-out from the organ in question, where there is a multiplying of these cysts within the kidney, which also leads to. 08.06.2005 · "Exophytic" means "growing outward" from the surface of an organ or other body structure. as opposed to growing into the tissue, presumably. Despite being such a scary looking word, it really doesn't have a lot of significance by itself. Like Kathy says, I thought all nodules grew that way too. 24.12.2009 · "Exophytic Heterogeneous Enhancement: Well defined rounded mass in the lower pole of the left kidney measuring 2.4 2.6 cm. No focal NODULE seen to suggest METASTASIS" "Left HYDRO METHROSIS due to a stone in the left upper ureter, no evidence of METASTASIS". Exophytic Cyst in the Upper Pole of Left Kidney. 2014-09-10 01:46. Kidney cysts is a benign or a malignant lesion which is round pouch filled fluid. More than half of the people over 60 years old can be diagnosed with one or several cysts in the kidneys. The cysts can be found in any part of the kidneys, so if you have exophytic cyst in the upper pole of left kidney, you need not to worry about it unless it.

Left retroperitoneal pre-renal fat containing soft tissue mass with a renal parenchymal defect, other smaller right renal parenchymal fat containing nodules angiomyolipomas, vascular supply from the renal artery as well as a lack of discrete internal enhancing nodules are in keeping with an exophytic renal angiomyolipoma. I just found out about Nodules & cysts on my kidneys on an MRI that was taken last march. Apparently my Dr. is not concerned enough to talk to me about it. In fact hes ignored it for all these months. Needless to say I am worried! Especially since I have had bad back pain. and have complained of. Kidney cancer is more common in African Americans, American Indians and Alaskan Native people. You can get kidney cancer at any age. But, it is more common in older people those greater than 75.

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